Netherlands: Landal Het Vennenbos, Noord-Brabant

After the month vacation in the Philippines, the next months means only non-stop working for 6 months and to add some little road trips we made. I am just glad that I can still somehow get a 2 week vacation after getting a 4 week vacation earlier. I told my bf that we needed to relax from all the workload and at least get somewhere where I still haven’t been to.

We searched and searched until we ended up to the place where his dad recommended, and that was Landal Het Vennenbos in Noord- Brabant. Since I told my bf that I haven’t been to that part of the Netherlands, we decided to go there. It’s only like 2 hours travel from our place to Noord-Brabant with the car. There’s not much changed because of course we are still in Holland.

Upon arriving, the first impression that the place gave me was that we are going to stay literally in a forest.  The house is in the forest, this is the place where I saw lots of mushrooms and squirrels. The house where we stayed is fully furnished. Complete with sofa’s, tv, kitchen and utensils, 2 bedrooms, fireplace, a bathtub and we got a balcony with a view of the little creek full of ducks and birds.

Landal Het Vennenbos is what they called “Centerparks” where families go for vacation. Their facilities includes: swimming pool with waterslides and jacuzzi,  tanning bed, mini golf, bowling, biking, restaurants and many other more. There are lots of houses or appartments and the size depends on how many people are going to stay. You will still feel like you are in you’re at home because you still have to do your own chores even putting the bed sheet and pillow covers. Bed is comfortable, I can say that I did really slept good at that place and I made most of the time home cooked meals. Regarding privacy and noise, you would not even notice other people staying beside you. The place is quiet for the month of October. Im well rested for a week! 🙂

The view from our balcony
The view from our balcony


biking in two's
biking in two’s


7th- 13th of October 2013


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