France: Chamonix

Next destination: Chamonix, France. But before that, on our way we found this creek that made us stop and enjoy the sounds of the running water. The water was cool and was even nice to wash your hands with mountain water. What made us visit this little town?… We just want to see Mont Blanc….

Switzerland: Forclaz

Next stop: Switzerland, Forclaz On the way to our next destination, we had a little stop at this place. It is more of a stop over where you can drink coffee and buy some souveniers. But not only that, you can also include hiking in this place. 11th of July 2017

Switzerland: Our First Glimpse

After our breakfast in Colmar. We left our hotel early in the morning to continue our journey. We decided to continue our travel and drove to Switzerland. Since we already thought of going to Switzerland earlier when we were still in The Netherlands, we bought a pass to be able to travel in Switzerland. It…

6 Countries In A Week. It’s Possible!

After our month trip in The Philippines,  my husband and I thought of continuing our journey in the summer. We just thought of going to Italy, so we can visit one of the lakes there. But since everything is along the way, we ended up going to 6 different European countries. In a week, the…

The Philippines: Caleruega Retreat Center, Nasugbu, Batangas

2 hours from Manila, you can reach Caleruega Retreat Center, Nasugbu Batangas. It was a warm sunny day when we went to this place. Upon arriving at the said destination, you are welcomed by people who are showing you where you can park your car. After that, you are lead to their reception and have…