France: Cote de Granit Rose, Bretagne

Driving through the beautiful roads of Brittany, we found a special place where we fell in love with. It is called Cote de Granit Rose. It is known for it’s unusual rock formations. This place was our favorite hangout. We went 2x here¬†within our 7 days stay in Trevelern and spent 2-4 hours.

This location is near our camping site, we did not even knew that this would be possible to visit. We spent the whole afternoon in this region, just walking and enjoying the high cliffs and the beautiful rock formations. Parking is easy and there are several places where you can enter the park. I think it’s best to visit this location is during the sunny days. It could be very cold during winter for it is surrounded by the sea and the wind is kinda stronger than the usual.

What to see here?

Unbelievable pink rock formations.

Beautiful horizon of the blue sea.

The Lighthouse


France: Mont Saint Michel

After spending a night in Honfleur, we continued our journey in reaching our destination which was in Bretagne (Brittany), France. But again, me and my husband did something we actually did not plan of going at all. On the way, I saw this island. From afar it looks like there’s a big castle in the middle of nowhere. I instantly looked at tripadvisor for “nearby places” it shows that we were 10kms away from the fortress that we saw. It was called Mont Saint Michel. I showed my puppy eyes at my husband and told him that I wanted to try and see the place. He said yes and our journey continues!

This view made me wonder, “what is that?!!!”.

Getting closer to the island clearly shows how beautiful the place was. It makes us more curious on what we can actually see and do in that island or if it is even available for public viewing. The closer we get, the more excited we’re to explore this wonderful island. To begin with, we first thought that we can just drive through the island, but instead, we were directed to their huge parking lot. After that, we walked near the reception area where there are free buses or the horse-drawn carriage for transport. You can also walk there, but we did not do it because it was too cold during our visit.

The bus ride

The bus tour was short and it was like touring you around their little village where it consists of hotels, restaurants and shops, and it was the fastest way to reach Mont Saint Michel.

After the short ride, we were brought to the bus stop and have to walk some meters to Saint Michel and finally reached our awesome destination! It looks even better when you are near the said island.

One thing that I have learned about this tourist spot was that, there are some seasons of the year or even in a day where it is inaccessible for public transportation because the sea level rises and Mont Saint Michel is again a floating island.

Upon entering the island, I would say that it felt like I’m walking at the Diagon Alley, or should I say the wizard world of Harry Potter. It welcomes you with a shopping street, restaurants and hotels. It is busy and alive even on a cold day, tourists can’t just get enough of this location.


The whole street will lead you to go up the Abbey. During the climb, you will be directed to different locations where you can get a panoramic view of the whole sea.

There are also people walking in the middle of the sea barefoot and in groups. We asked at the reception what is the reason for doing that, well they said that the visitors just liked it and for whatever reason it could be, it seems to be therapeutic.
There’s an entrance fee if you want to go further and see the inside of the Abbey. The line is crazy full that we have to wait at least 20-30 minutes before we can enter the whole place. But we would say that it was worth the wait.

Going inside the Abbey, it was actually what we’ve expected, it is majestic! Spacious, big and a lot of things to do and see.

Got lucky to be alone in this pic! It was a busy day ūüėä

Overall, if you come across this region, DON’T miss this out! It is a must see!

France: Honfleur

It’s vacation time!

After days of thinking of what to do for my coming vacation, we finally decided to spend our time in France.

We wanted to go to¬†Bretagne (Brittany), it’s in the west of France.

The destination is about a 10-12 hours drive from The Netherlands. Instead of going straight to our destination, we did a little detour.

Our first stop was Honfleur, France. It is located in the lower Normandy region where you can see the Seine River. When my husband told me that we are going to Honfleur, I really did not know what to expect. It was the first time I heard about the place and I promised not to search in advance as to what it had to offer.

So upon entering the Harbor of Honfleur or what they call Le Pont de Normandie, ¬†we were welcomed with this very tall, majestic bridge. It is the biggest bridge I’ve ever seen! By the looks of it, I was already very excited¬†about what to see in Honfleur.

Upon arriving in Honfleur, we decided to go straight to our hotel. We chose Campanile Honfleur – La Riviere Saint Sauveur. The room was comfortable, clean and a bit small, but it had all of the¬†necessities for a night stay. It¬†wasn’t expensive and they served¬†a big variety of lovely breakfast. Staff were also very friendly, they tried their best to speak english and they even let us check in earlier than the normal times.

After resting from our more than 600km drive,  we decided to immediately walk around the city center of Honfleur.

It was a half raining or I must say drizzle and sunny day during our visit to the city center of Honfleur. Parking may be a bit tricky to find in the center most especially when it is busy, but that day, the city was not that hectic.

We loved that Honfleur actually looked beautiful even when it was¬†raining. The streets were shining and we’re happy that they kept the pretty streets as they were. The houses looked cute, it’s almost like you are in a fairy tale.

There are lots of places to see in Honfleur and here are the following things we did:

We went to Mont-Joli. Here you can see the whole Honfleur from the top.


Visited Notre Dame de Grace (It was closed during our visit), it has a big park where you can sit and relax and also view the Seine Riviere.


Paid a visit to¬†Saint Catherine’s Church.


Explored Le Vieux Bassin.


Came to see the famous Carousel a Honfleur.


Looked up at their tower.


Ate dinner at Salon de the La Trinquette and tried their popular mussel dish.

And enjoyed the streets of Honfleur.



22nd of April 2016





Germany: Berlin (Walking tour)

A look back at our travel last year to Germany, Berlin,  January-February of 2015. This was actually a part of our honeymoon travel.

The second day of our trip in Berlin, we decided to take the walking tour. Doing the tour, you will be brought to the historical places while you are also learning the history of Berlin. You can find them infront of the Brandenburger Tor and usually, they start at around +/- 9:00am. It’s free but giving tips at the tour guide would be very much appreciated. The tour is 3-4 hours long with coffee break at the nearest starbucks branch.

We visited the following places:

Our first stop was the Brandenburger Tor.


Then we walked to the Holocaust Memorial.


We also found Jose Rizal’s (Philippine National Hero) memorial plaque.


Next, we were in Gendarmenmarkt.


To Check Point Charlie.


Berlin wall.


And we ended up at the Bundesministerium der Finanzen.





Last Day in Brugge, Belgium

Since we already toured around the beautiful city of Brugge the past days that we stayed there, we finally ended our day by going to the Belfort or the Belfry and their beer museum.

The first stop of our last day trip is at the beer museum. We were too early to drink beer during our visit, but we are happy enough to see their collection. I think that this is the biggest collection of beer we’ve ever seen. It has most of the European beers and most specially the Belgian beers. It was fun to visit and it’s free!

After our visit at the beer museum,we decided to go to the ¬†Belfry. So without looking for any information about the Belfry, we dared to visit the said attraction. I used the word “dare” because we knew that we have to visit the top of the tower. We just did not know how far and how many steps would it take us to the top until we read the information by the reception that the tower is 83 meters high with 366 stairs that we have to climb.

We reached the top! We were glad that it was not that too busy during our visit. We got the chance to look and enjoy our panoramic view of Brugge and hear the loud ringing bells of the Belfry.

After our tiring climb of the tower, my husband treated ourselves to some waffle on a stick, Belgian style! Lovely waffle! They really have the best chocolate!