Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

Another camera that is added in my collection. This was actually one of the birthday gift that I received some years ago, thanks to my also gadget freak husband.

Let’s start by:

1.) The Look

Well as you can see I got the black version of Polaroid Z2300. I like the color and it just fits my taste. It is a bit bulky but to think, it is also where it stores the instant paper. It looks modern than the old versions of Polaroid. It looks like a digital cam because screen is present at the back and it shows the normal camera menus and to add a print button. It is rechargeable and print paper is easy to install.

2.) Photo/ Video Quality

It gives a 10MP picture and 720P HD video quality, 6x digital zoom too. So, it is not bad. But of course please be reminded that the video can not be printed. lol 😀

3.) Print

The thing that I liked about this camera is that I can non-stop take pictures (it uses a SD card) and print the ones that I like. I don’t have to worry that I have printed the wrong picture. Plus before printing, it asks you how many you wanted to print and or edit it with some designs or filters that is automatically downloaded in  your cam. Printing time: +/- 45 seconds.

Be sure that you have enough paper in your cam, sometimes it doesn’t print out even if you have 5 papers left inside the camera.

You can use the photo print as a sticker because it is a peel-back sticky paper. It is smudge proof, water resistant and tear resistant. Easy to use and the printing paper is somehow affordable.

And here’s how it prints!




Playstation 4

Neither of us, me and my bf were thinking of getting or pre-ordering the Playstation 4. So upon the release of this console,  we realized that we would actually want to have one for ourselves.

So here’s the challenge- get the Playstation 4 on the spot/ on the release date. It was not that actually easy. Gamers during this time would not be very happy to sell their own pre-ordered Playstation because they actually waited for months or years before they can actually grab the console.

We went to different stores,  called the stores and searched the internet. After several attempts of random calls, we finally found somebody who is selling their ps4 and it is kinda pricy. 😦

Returning home with smiles on our faces, we could not wait to open the box and play with it.

Playstation 4: I love it!

The only thing that I think that the Ps4 misses is that they still dont have that much games available for their platform and the gamers shall wait for the next months for the release.

But as far as I am playing with PS4, I love it!



29th of November 2013



Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality Headset


Oculus Rift Development Kit

Oculus Rift Development Kit

To be honest: I only used the Oculus Rift for roughly 5 mins. I tried the roller coaster sample and as I may say, I felt like I was really in a roller coaster hence im sitting on an office chair connected to a butt kicker.  Oculus Rift is kinda big but it is comfortable to wear since you can adjust on how tight you would like the Oculus Rift to hold in your head. So, wearing the glass gives you a 2 sided view, like for each eye. It is cool that when you move your head around, the surrounding gives a 360 view of where you are looking into. It doesn’t matter if you stand or sit, it just works. It makes you feel like you are actually in the game.

The graphics, well it can be better. I think they still need to polish the graphics more because for me it looks a bit rough but I think more upgrades will come soon!

The only thing that I don’t like about the Oculus Rift: After the 5 mins of use, I felt like vomitting. Im nauseated, I guess my eyes are not yet ready for the virtual reality gaming. But with this invention, I think it will be a hit in the near future to those who love gadgets and wants to experience the virtual reality world.


29th of September 2013

Wii U as a 27th yr old Birthday Gift

It is again a happy birthday to me! Eventhough my birthday was like last month, my bf still gave a gift to me and that was the Wii U console. I did not even ask or rather thought of buying or even having this game console since I am not yet really aware that this one is already out there and rocking. I actually thought that this is just an ordinary and a bit upgraded Wii.

Wii U the basic pack: It includes, the Tablet or game pad and the console plus the wires.

Wii U is touch screen and have a comfortable feeling when you are playing on the game pad. I love it when you can actually turn off your tv and just play directly on the game pad. You dont have to be always connected to a wire because the game pad is rechargeable.  The camera helps on some games when interacting with the surroundings. You can also of course interact with other players and play with them. You can also use the old Wii controlers and the sensor to play.

The only thing that I dont like with the Wii U is that, it takes long time updating. An update can let you wait for an hour or more and we have fast internet (150mbps)

Well since the release of Wii U was not that far away from the time it was bought, we say that there are not so many games released yet. Although they have some games on the Nintendo e-shop, they still need to release more games.  The games that I do have at the moment is the Super Mario bros. I love the game Super Mario, it brings childhood memories.

Wii U gamepad

Wii U gamepad


29th of May 2013