The Philippines: Star City, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay Manila

Star City!

After our big dinner from our last day in The Philippines, we decided to just drive around the neighborhood and saw the very big inviting sign of Star City! So what we did, we went down our van and took the chance to see if the place is still open. And with our luck, the said amusement park is open!

It was a bit late already but we still managed to get entrance tickets. During our visit, it was the first time I saw Star City to be not busy at all! So we had the chance to really check out the vicinity.

But because we arrived late, we only got the chance to try one attraction and that is the Snow World.

Snow world was said to be -5 degrees celcius and there are a lot of nice ice sculptures. It was themed to the different places of the world and as an extra there was this little sliding ride in the ice. Pictures are not allowed to be taken, only their own photographer is allowed to take photos for you, but as I said that it was already late, we did not have any photos of us taken in Snow World. The experience of seeing the ice sculptures were wonderful and also the feeling of the cold temperature after the summer heat of the outside.

24th of may 2017


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