Day 4: Luxembourg

Today is our second day in Luxembourg.

We decided to explore the nearby places from Vianden. 

Beaufort Castle


Echternach cityhall


Abbey of Echternach


Park in Echternach

After spending some time eating, shopping and roaming around Echternach, we went back to Vianden. We were looking for a nice place to eat dinner and we ended up going up the mountain and enjoy this little peaceful place.
During the sunset, we walked around Vianden and we ended up at the bridge with the view of the castle. 

Oh and I forgot! Since I visited a new country here’s another jumpshot! 


Day 3: Luxembourg

Oh yes! Another country visited 🙂

After so many years of planning to visit Luxembourg, we are finally here!

The plan is that we are going to stay in Vianden, a town in Luxembourg. The first impression was “wow, Vianden is such a beautiful place. It is like an old little city in the mountain. Lovely street and bridge plus their little river and the view of the castle.”. The place is just so pretty that will make you think that you are in a fairytale story.

Love this road

Love this road



We were still early when we arrived in Vianden, so we still got time to roam around the area and it is impressively beautiful and worth going. At the same time, we went around and look for a place to sleep and thanks to tripadvisor, we got an another nice hotel to stay in.

Hotel Heintz is the place where we stayed. I loved how they have this vintage style of hotel. It felt like I was in the series named “The Paradise”. The hotel owners were really friendly and also multi-lingual. They even gave us a very nice room with a balcony overlooking their garden.


Comfortable beds


Our view from our balcony

And at the end of the day, we went to eat steak at Auberge Aal Veinen. Food was delicious!

1st of July 2015