The Philippines: Antipolo (Holy Week)

It was Holy week at this time when we were in Antipolo. We like going there because we can see the skyline of Manila plus it is a bit cooler there than in the big city. We also visited one of our favorite church (like we always do) and this time it was special because we were there during holy week.

Since it is holy week, the church is really busy and there is a procession. Oh, the only thing we did not like is that we waited more than an hour in the car because we were stuck in the traffic.  We did not realize that the procession will be big and it will take a long time. We waited almost an hour before our car can move again.




 18th of April 2014


The Philippines: Calamba Private Pool

Living in luxury.

Well,  another way to celebrate the birthday of my fiance is to bring him to a private hot springs pool. I’m glad that we did this, that we actually thought of renting a whole private house where we can celebrate his birthday. This idea is much better than sharing the pool with other people. I love how we can just do our own thing and nobody will care with the things we do and of course enjoy the night swim.

It is much better to swim and relax there since we own the whole place.  It is possible in the Philippines to do that kind of thing and it will not cost you a fortune to rent it. The house we rented is fully furnished where you can sleep, cook, grill and even chill on the sofa. You can also sing with their karaoke machine and of course enjoy your day swimming in a hot spring pool and relax at the jacuzzi. I love how the owners don’t put chlorine on the pool or even in the jacuzzi. The water is pure and really hot since it came naturally from the volcano. I can’t wait for the next visit again.




9th and 10th of April 2014

The Philippines: Sky Ranch Tagaytay

This time we finally have the time to visit the famous Sky Ranch Tagaytay.

First impression of the place: It looks fun!

There are lots of things to do in Sky Ranch Tagaytay like ride their attractions, go zipline, eat at the stalls and restaurants and enjoy the view of the Taal Volcano and Lake.

I like the idea that they did there.  People can just stay and have a good time with a nice view. It is no wonder why it is always full.




5th of April 2014

The Philippines: Luneta/ Rizal Park

A park in the heart of Manila.

What’s so special about this park?… This is where the Philippine national hero’s monument stands and that is Dr. José Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. We consider him to be one of our greatest hero during the time where the Spaniards colonized us. The 1million peso flag is also rising high up beside the monument.

We were in Rizal park last April 2014 and I must say that they really did a good job in maintaining the park than the last time I saw it. Good job! It makes me feel calm with all the greens and actually it is a bit quiet when you reach in the middle of it. You can bring your own food for picnics and just enjoy the day. I prefer to go in the noon which is a bit cooler than going in the afternoon heat.

I love that they now included fountain shows at night which makes the Park more attractive and alive with all of the light and water dancing to the tune of some famous music.
And to include, it is now prohibited to smoke within the premises of the park.

IMG_6947 IMG_7024



3rd of April 2014

The Philippines: Subic Bay

On our way home, we knew that Subic Bay is not so far away because we can actually see the bay from afar. It really tempted me to ask my dad if we can go to the beach again on our way home.  But first, we crashed my aunties (my dad’s cousins) home, who were very kind enough to cook for us nice Filipino dishes within 4 hours of notice. Haha!

So upon arriving at the beach, we were lucky enough that there were still some cottages where we can stay and leave some of our things behind.  Subic bay is kinda busy and there are lots of foreigners. Well, im not surprised because the place was known before as an American Naval Base in the Philippines.

I liked the beach they have there, it is surrounded with mountains and it is also clean. There are boats and you can also rent jet skis and even do a water hoverboards which is really cool.

Mountains, sunset, banana boats, jet ski,  hoverboard,  restaurant in the middle of the sea.

Mountains, sunset, banana boats, boat, jet ski, hoverboard, restaurant in the middle of the sea.


30th of March 2014