The Netherlands: Baryo Pilipinas, Den Haag (Filipino Restaurant)

After our trip to The Philippine Embassy in (Den Haag) The Hague to do some things, I thought of finally visiting this Filipino restaurant that is not so far away from the embassy.

I’ve been searching for an authentic Filipino restaurant here in The Netherlands for a long time and finally after some looking up with our friend google, I found Baryo Pilipinas.

The outside of the restaurant

Upon entering the said restaurant, you will be welcomed with their jeepney that actually looked good with their Filipino vibe setting.

The look of Baryo Pilipinas

And of course, we have to taste their menus. So this time, we tried their Chicken Inasal and Kare-Kare.

The verdict, the food was nice, I liked how the food tasted like. It made me feel like i’m back in the Philippines. The price was not that bad, not expensive and not cheap. Would I go back here?… Yes! I will! 🙂

2nd of June 2017


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