The Netherlands: Golfbaan Spaarnwoude (My first time to Golf!)

When my husband told me that it is time to hit the golf clubs, I got excited because this would be the first time for me to play golf!

We went to Spaarnwoude, where it is just nearby from where we live. My husband told me that he used to golf here with his family. He liked this place because it is spacious, quiet and at the same time you can just relax.

The first thing we did was just hit at the driving range. I was amused at myself for I can hit the balls eventhough I do not have any experience with it. So I can say that I can golf already… hahaha… no not really. It is a skill to have and to be able to do it.

I was told to be quiet, people playing golf are most of the time focused on the ball. The next thing, how to hold the clubs in a proper way and how I can hit the ball with a special stance and twist my hips to be able to hit the golf ball hard or how you can describe it. I’m no expert but that is how I remembered it.

Would I golf in the future? YES! I loved it.

29 May 2017


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