Hungary: Budapest (Day 1)

This time we decided to travel to Hungary, Budapest. We’ve been hearing that Hungary is a nice country to visit. 

Before we started our journey, our flight was delayed. They told us that Easyjet had some technical problems. So we have to wait for a while before we could fly to our destination.

We arrived in Budapest at 11:45. our hotel was carlton hotel which is in the Buda side.

upon arriving in Budapest, we went directly to get a taxi. The taxi was named Fo taxi, which is a realiable taxi company to use when you are in Hungary.

From the airport to the our hotel  or to the center is a 30 minute drive from airport to our hotel.

We rested a bit at the hotel and since we haven’t eaten yet, we decided to eat at a nearby restaurant called pater … we even got free beer!

After that, we went directly to the nearest tourist spot and took the cable car to take us up the Castle Hill. It wasn’t that long way but for the sake of experience, we tried it and it did not disappoint.

Upon reaching the square above, we got a very nice view of the the Danube River and the Pest side. we roamed around and walked through it. We saw a museum and the statues.  and we ended the tour by walking through the Fisherman’s Bastion and seeing the Mattias Church.

26th of January 2018


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