France: Port de Bugueles, Rue du Port, Brittany

A part of our traveling in France is just go without an itinerary of places that we wanted to visit or go to. Just get in the car and add some destination points in the navigation and enjoy the scenery that will pass through during the road trip.

So we end up at Rue du Port. It is somehow at the edge of the map. Before arriving at the point of our destination, we found some amazing rock formations like the ones we saw at Cote granit de rose. It was closed during our visit, but it seems that it can be a busy in the summer for they have this big parking lots for buses.

We further drove until we ended up in this port, Port de Bugueles. It is small but the view is just breathtaking. It is a typical type of harbor in Bretagne. It is quiet and almost nobody is there. It is like we have our own private harbor. We were just happy to end up in this place.

Welcome 2017!

This year will be awesome and I declare it!

My 2016 has been a roller coaster ride. There are lots of ups and downs and I am relieved that we left 2016 in the past and ready for 2017’s challenge.

But all in all, i’m just glad that the year has ended and we are welcoming the new year with a smile! We will do our best to make this year special, awesome and unforgettable full of luck! 🙂

More updates and entries to come!

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Daily Dose of Jam

Hi guys!

I’m happy to present my new domain!

I just thought that it’s time to get an upgrade and be more serious with my blog. My old bubblejam86 account is now

Don’t worry for I would not flood and post non-sense posts. I will still publish the things that I think it’s blog worthy!

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“Jack” the Jack Russell

Just wanted to share that last November 28 2015, we adopted a Jack Russell. This little cutie finally found its home, with us. We are so happy to have him, he’s the sweetest dog and the real owned dog I’ve ever had.
Jack is born on the 28th of August 2014 and weighs 7.6kgs. He is a well trained puppy and have super duper high levels of energy. He loves to play the ball and his frisbee. He loves walking at the beach and his playground is the dunes of Zandvoort. He also have 2 bestfriends now, they are burre (frisse stabij dutch dog) and bonne (spanish podengo dog). He is very intelligent and a quick learner. Shows tricks for treats. He is trully a Jack Russell.

But, there’s a long story behind the adoption. I was at work and had no clue that my husband will adopt a dog. He told me that it was a spontaneous plan and it was actually a suggestion of my mom-in-law to get a dog. He told me that he first went doggie accessories shopping and even had no idea if he can get or what kind of dog he will be able to bring home at that day. He and his mom went to 3 animal shelters before they found this little sweetie.

My husband was picking me up from work and seeing Jack in the car sitting at the front seat, I was kinda confused. I actually dont know how to react. The first thing I’ve even said was “What is that?!, whose dog is that?!” At my surprise, my husband told me, it’s your dog, our dog. I even told him that I dont believe that it’s ours and asked for a proof. Looking at his passport and adoption papers I was in total shock, I even told him that “You know that im allergic to dogs right?” But he just told me, “you’ll soon get over it and for sure you’ll love him”… I was very hesitant and full of worries at the first minutes, but after a while of petting I told my husband that I love this dog. I’m glad you got him for me, for us.

So yeah, i’m now a proud owner of a Jack Russell and here is the first ever photo I took of him.

The Netherlands: Lelystad

Free from work and we decided to visit the famous Batavia stad in Lelystad. It was just like an open mall full of designer clothes and accessories with great discounts. Did not get a real pic of the place, but it just look like the typical houses in holland but in full blown colors. 😊 

The highlight of our road trip was also going to the harbor. My husband told me that they usually went there to chill. It was one of his childhood memory to be in this harbor. He says that in all of this time, nothing really much changed. Same old, same old. 



I must say that it’s very pretty to go there on a sunny day 😊 
19th of September 2015