The Philippines: Buffet 101, Robinson’s Magnolia, Quezon City.

For a family with a big appetite… Go visit Buffet 101!

Our second day in Manila

My papa told us that we will eat dinner at a buffet restaurant and he brought us at Buffet101. This is like our post birthday celebration. The restaurant we visited is located at Robinson’s Magnolia, Quezon City. We arrived there at around 17:00 and the feast started.

The location is nice for it is near our location. The ambiance is good, the staffs are friendly and at the same time funny.  Qua food,  which is the most important part,  they offer a wide variety of cuisines from all over the world. From appetizers to desserts, drinks (alcoholic beverages, not really sure) name it and they have something to recommend. One thing that I find funny about this restaurant, is that when it is your birthday or even your birthday month, as their treat, you will be free of charge. Plus, the staffs will go to your table and will be singing and dancing their own version of Happy Birthday!


3rd of May 2017


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