The Philippines: 2017 Trip!

Due to my busy schedule, this is the only time I can share you about our trip to the Philippines in the summer of 2017.

This time we arrived in May, which is also one of the hottest months in the Philippines.

The first step we took, I already saw a big change. We landed in NAIA, but this time we were at the newest building which is the terminal 3.  Finally, I can say that the airport is showing its growth and starting to be more modernized. It is much more brighter, and it is has a welcoming atmosphere to the visitors and of course all of our countrymen.

Upon approaching the arrivals, we contacted my parents and thanks to the airport wifi (which was faster than ever), we reached my parents fast!

We arrived at home late in the evening, traffic is still at it’s best. lol… But one thing we noticed, Manila is somewhat organized and cleaner than the last time we visited. I’m glad that at least the government is showing some changes that can help Manila recover from all the things that were destroyed throughout the years.

But let’s not talk about the government, It is something that I wouldn’t want to cross to. I am just happy to be back to my home country and enjoy my almost 1 month of stay.

So to start of… here’s a quick snap shot (blurred) of us at the arrivals!


2nd of May 2017


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