Germany: The Story of Berlin (Museum)

Since we have been non-stop walking in the city of Berlin, we decided to visit a museum. We actually thought that it would be nice to go deeper to the history from where the war all begun.

We ended up going to this big museum and it’s called “The Story of Berlin” in Kurf√ľrstendamm. It is not difficult to find this museum, it is just inside the little mall.

Upon arriving, first you have to pay for the entrance fee, then they will ask you if you want to leave your coats behind. They have a guided tour, so you have to wait til it is available. At their lobby, there are some things that you can do, you can use their PC to create some photos that you can directly send through your email.


And I got this pic! ūüėÄ

When our tour guide arrives, we were assembled at the lobby and entered the said museum. Our tour guide guided us through the phases of the museum. After the quick tour, we were brought to the bunker, which we did not expect. All I can say about the bunker?… it’s scary and dark. It is a bunker to prepare the Germans from disaster, war or any other occurrences. The guide toured us around and let us hear on what you can expect if such has happened…and it is not a nice feeling.


After the guided tour, we went directly to the other parts of the museum. There you can see all of the memorabilia they had before, during and after the war. It was fascinating to discover and go deeper in studying Berlin. So if you are one of the history buffs, this is a nice way to get the information that you needed.






Germany: Fernsehturm de Berlin, (Television Tower), Berlin

After our walking tour, we eagerly explored  the beautiful Berlin further. Since the weather was a bit chilly in February, we decided to view the sunset at the observation deck at the Television Tower or known as Fernsehturm de Berlin.

With the towering height of 368 meters, you can only reach this through their elevator. But before making it to the top, waiting time is -/+ 30 minutes, be ready to be body scanned and water bottles are not allowed inside the premises. Seats are provided while you are waiting, and if you have someone with you, you can also make a quick tour at their souvenir shop and even get a drink.

After all the waiting and worrying that we will not be able to reach the sunset, we finally got the chance to view Berlin in 360. It was spectacular! Berlin at it’s finest!

Upon entering the viewing deck, you will be welcomed by the view from above. It was busy during our visit and a bit crowded, but they have a limit to which how many people are allowed to go inside. You can actually stay there as long as you want (we stayed there at least 2 hours). They also have this little bar at their observation deck, it’s pricy but for a quick drink it good since you don’t have anything in your hand. The tv tower also have a restaurant, we did not got the chance anymore to do that but would be glad to try it in the future.

History and culture are present with the view they offer, you can see how they raised up and build their empire again. It shows how the Germans tried their best to live and forget all the destructions of the past. Im glad that we came across this attraction, and to be honest, this was the second time we visited the tv tower in Berlin. It is worth the visit.

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Germany: Berlin (Walking tour)

A look back at our travel last year to Germany, Berlin,  January-February of 2015. This was actually a part of our honeymoon travel.

The second day of our trip in Berlin, we decided to take the walking tour. Doing the tour, you will be brought to the historical places while you are also learning the history of Berlin. You can find them infront of the Brandenburger Tor and usually, they start at around +/- 9:00am. It’s free but giving tips at the tour guide would be very much appreciated. The tour is 3-4 hours long with coffee break at the nearest starbucks branch.

We visited the following places:

Our first stop was the Brandenburger Tor.


Then we walked to the Holocaust Memorial.


We also found Jose Rizal’s (Philippine National Hero) memorial plaque.


Next, we were in Gendarmenmarkt.


To Check Point Charlie.


Berlin wall.


And we ended up at the Bundesministerium der Finanzen.





Day 3: Trier, Germany

This is my third day of vacation.  So we decided to move and go to out next destination which is in Luxembourg. But before going to Luxembourg, we did a little detour and went to Trier. It is not far away from our last destination which is in Cochem.

Trier is a city in Germany. It is also beautiful and at the same time busy, unlike the suburbs of Mösel.

In Trier, you can see the Porto Nigra or the large Roman city gate in Germany. It was well preserved and you can actually go tour inside this building. You can go up and have a great view of the whole center of Trier.

After the hour 30 minutes trip of the Porta Nigra, we decided to walk more around the city and found the St. Peter’s Cathedral. It was amazingly big and beautiful.

1st of July 2015

Day 2: Cochem, Germany and other little towns.

Our second day of stay in Cochem, Germany.

Since Cochem is not a big place to explore, we decided to go a bit further and visit one of the nicest places along the river. This day, we visited Bern Kastel. It is a 30 minute drive away from Cochem. It is a bit bigger than Cochem, but you will see the difference with their buildings, the amount of tourists and the surroundings.

We stayed in Bern Kastel for 2 hours to walk and explore what it has to offer. They have lovely buildings and also a nice view of the river. They also have many varieties of shops and restaurants around.  


Slanted house

After visiting Bern Kastel, we looked at the map and thought of going to Monreal. Monreal is one of the places that the owner of the hotel suggested for us to visit. I was actually surprised how beautiful Monreal was.  It is a small town with a lot of very beautiful typical German style houses and I love their bridge on which you can just sit and relax from the sound of the running creek.

Next we went to Burg Eltz. This castle is hidden in the mountains. It is not very easy to find but worth the visit. What I find amazing is that, they still have the antiques of the castle since the 1500’s. There is a guided tour that explains everything about the castle and a museum where you can find all the treasures of the Castle.


And at the end of the day, we went to the center of Cochem and ate at one of the best restaurant there. It’s an Italian restaurant and it’s called Castello.  




Seafood Plate


Mixed Grill

30th of June 2015