Germany: The Story of Berlin (Museum)

Since we have been non-stop walking in the city of Berlin, we decided to visit a museum. We actually thought that it would be nice to go deeper to the history from where the war all begun.

We ended up going to this big museum and it’s called “The Story of Berlin” in Kurfürstendamm. It is not difficult to find this museum, it is just inside the little mall.

Upon arriving, first you have to pay for the entrance fee, then they will ask you if you want to leave your coats behind. They have a guided tour, so you have to wait til it is available. At their lobby, there are some things that you can do, you can use their PC to create some photos that you can directly send through your email.

And I got this pic! 😀

When our tour guide arrives, we were assembled at the lobby and entered the said museum. Our tour guide guided us through the phases of the museum. After the quick tour, we were brought to the bunker, which we did not expect. All I can say about the bunker?… it’s scary and dark. It is a bunker to prepare the Germans from disaster, war or any other occurrences. The guide toured us around and let us hear on what you can expect if such has happened…and it is not a nice feeling.


After the guided tour, we went directly to the other parts of the museum. There you can see all of the memorabilia they had before, during and after the war. It was fascinating to discover and go deeper in studying Berlin. So if you are one of the history buffs, this is a nice way to get the information that you needed.






3rd of February 2015



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