Germany: Fernsehturm de Berlin, (Television Tower), Berlin

After our walking tour, we eagerly explored  the beautiful Berlin further. Since the weather was a bit chilly in February, we decided to view the sunset at the observation deck at the Television Tower or known as Fernsehturm de Berlin.

With the towering height of 368 meters, you can only reach this through their elevator. But before making it to the top, waiting time is -/+ 30 minutes, be ready to be body scanned and water bottles are not allowed inside the premises. Seats are provided while you are waiting, and if you have someone with you, you can also make a quick tour at their souvenir shop and even get a drink.

After all the waiting and worrying that we will not be able to reach the sunset, we finally got the chance to view Berlin in 360. It was spectacular! Berlin at it’s finest!

Upon entering the viewing deck, you will be welcomed by the view from above. It was busy during our visit and a bit crowded, but they have a limit to which how many people are allowed to go inside. You can actually stay there as long as you want (we stayed there at least 2 hours). They also have this little bar at their observation deck, it’s pricy but for a quick drink it good since you don’t have anything in your hand. The tv tower also have a restaurant, we did not got the chance anymore to do that but would be glad to try it in the future.

History and culture are present with the view they offer, you can see how they raised up and build their empire again. It shows how the Germans tried their best to live and forget all the destructions of the past. Im glad that we came across this attraction, and to be honest, this was the second time we visited the tv tower in Berlin. It is worth the visit.

For more information :

2nd of February 2015



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