Spring time in Holland

It’s a bit too late to actually post about spring time at this moment for we are now approaching winter time. It’s been crazy the past months, but i’m still trying my best to post at least 1 entry per month.

Anyway, I just wanted to share about the spring time in the Netherlands. This was the time where all of the plants comes back to life and all the flowers bloom. I love how Holland looks very pretty with all the blooming flowers for it gives life and joy to the people who sees it, hence it also gives high risk for pollen allergy.

So why am I going to post this? … This day, was my husband’s birthday. We decided to go out since the weather is very favorable. Sun shines, blue sky and clear than the other days we’ve had the past months.

We knew that there are lots of flowers blooming and also we knew that “De Zilk” (a place in Holland where the flower fields  are located) was already showing its flower power.

We were lucky that there were still flowers on the fields that aren’t harvested yet, so we stopped to some flower field and yes, it looks really pretty and we were allowed to go through the middle of it! At the end of our flower tour, I bought some tulips and they were really cheap. For a bouquet of tulips, I paid 1 euro. That’s really cheap if I compare it from The Philippines.

€1 bouquet of Holland Tulips

Jack Russell sniffing the daffodils




The Netherlands: Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden

Naturalis: It’s a museum!

Well, let me give more details about this museum.

It is a big museum as I may say. It has different themes on each floor and it goes from the sky, land to sea. They even have pre-historic bones. This museum allows children of all ages and adults to explore and learn more about the biodiversity as it also states on the name of the museum. If you are really into biology, this is a nice place to know and gather information.

It’s like a zoo but the animals are preserved, they have lots of animals of those you may not have yet seen in real life. They also have a collection of rocks which I really liked and also giving explanations on how they form or what are their functions on earth. In terms of wheelchair friendly, yes they are. They have elevators but its quite small, because it can only fit one wheelchair at a time, so it may take a long time to bring a group of people to one floor to another. Some attractions are behind glass. I must say that, on that part it is kinda difficult to manoeuvre wheelchairs and people with eye problems should be guided. They have a small cafe where you can eat and toilet is also available on the premises. This place is good for a school day trip for you can tour the whole museum for 2 hours or more. 

Daily Dose of Jam

Hi guys!

I’m happy to present my new domain!

I just thought that it’s time to get an upgrade and be more serious with my blog. My old bubblejam86 account is now dailydoseofjam.com

Don’t worry for I would not flood and post non-sense posts. I will still publish the things that I think it’s blog worthy!

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