France: Honfleur

It’s vacation time!

After days of thinking of what to do for my coming vacation, we finally decided to spend our time in France.

We wanted to go to Bretagne (Brittany), it’s in the west of France.

The destination is about a 10-12 hours drive from The Netherlands. Instead of going straight to our destination, we did a little detour.

Our first stop was Honfleur, France. It is located in the lower Normandy region where you can see the Seine River. When my husband told me that we are going to Honfleur, I really did not know what to expect. It was the first time I heard about the place and I promised not to search in advance as to what it had to offer.

So upon entering the Harbor of Honfleur or what they call Le Pont de Normandie,  we were welcomed with this very tall, majestic bridge. It is the biggest bridge I’ve ever seen! By the looks of it, I was already very excited about what to see in Honfleur.

Upon arriving in Honfleur, we decided to go straight to our hotel. We chose Campanile Honfleur – La Riviere Saint Sauveur. The room was comfortable, clean and a bit small, but it had all of the necessities for a night stay. It wasn’t expensive and they served a big variety of lovely breakfast. Staff were also very friendly, they tried their best to speak english and they even let us check in earlier than the normal times.

After resting from our more than 600km drive,  we decided to immediately walk around the city center of Honfleur.

It was a half raining or I must say drizzle and sunny day during our visit to the city center of Honfleur. Parking may be a bit tricky to find in the center most especially when it is busy, but that day, the city was not that hectic.

We loved that Honfleur actually looked beautiful even when it was raining. The streets were shining and we’re happy that they kept the pretty streets as they were. The houses looked cute, it’s almost like you are in a fairy tale.

There are lots of places to see in Honfleur and here are the following things we did:

We went to Mont-Joli. Here you can see the whole Honfleur from the top.


Visited Notre Dame de Grace (It was closed during our visit), it has a big park where you can sit and relax and also view the Seine Riviere.


Paid a visit to Saint Catherine’s Church.


Explored Le Vieux Bassin.


Came to see the famous Carousel a Honfleur.


Looked up at their tower.


Ate dinner at Salon de the La Trinquette and tried their popular mussel dish.

And enjoyed the streets of Honfleur.



22nd of April 2016





Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

Another camera that is added in my collection. This was actually one of the birthday gift that I received some years ago, thanks to my also gadget freak husband.

Let’s start by:

1.) The Look

Well as you can see I got the black version of Polaroid Z2300. I like the color and it just fits my taste. It is a bit bulky but to think, it is also where it stores the instant paper. It looks modern than the old versions of Polaroid. It looks like a digital cam because screen is present at the back and it shows the normal camera menus and to add a print button. It is rechargeable and print paper is easy to install.

2.) Photo/ Video Quality

It gives a 10MP picture and 720P HD video quality, 6x digital zoom too. So, it is not bad. But of course please be reminded that the video can not be printed. lol 😀

3.) Print

The thing that I liked about this camera is that I can non-stop take pictures (it uses a SD card) and print the ones that I like. I don’t have to worry that I have printed the wrong picture. Plus before printing, it asks you how many you wanted to print and or edit it with some designs or filters that is automatically downloaded in  your cam. Printing time: +/- 45 seconds.

Be sure that you have enough paper in your cam, sometimes it doesn’t print out even if you have 5 papers left inside the camera.

You can use the photo print as a sticker because it is a peel-back sticky paper. It is smudge proof, water resistant and tear resistant. Easy to use and the printing paper is somehow affordable.

And here’s how it prints!




Welcome 2017!

This year will be awesome and I declare it!

My 2016 has been a roller coaster ride. There are lots of ups and downs and I am relieved that we left 2016 in the past and ready for 2017’s challenge.

But all in all, i’m just glad that the year has ended and we are welcoming the new year with a smile! We will do our best to make this year special, awesome and unforgettable full of luck! 🙂

More updates and entries to come!

Thanks for reading and visiting!


Love lots,