Day 3: Trier, Germany

This is my third day of vacation.  So we decided to move and go to out next destination which is in Luxembourg. But before going to Luxembourg, we did a little detour and went to Trier. It is not far away from our last destination which is in Cochem. Trier is a city in Germany….

Day 2: Cochem, Germany and other little towns.

Our second day of stay in Cochem, Germany. Since Cochem is not a big place to explore, we decided to go a bit further and visit one of the nicest places along the river. This day, we visited Bern Kastel. It is a 30 minute drive away from Cochem. It is a bit bigger than…

Day 1: Cochem, Germany

My week free starts here! I told my husband that I want to go travelling again within Europe. I want to see a new view other than house-work, work-house routine. So, the first thing I told him, I want to visit Luxembourg. I havent been there yet and I know that it is a very…

Berlin, Germany: Boat Tour

This is the first time for us to visit Berlin during winter. On our 2nd day in Berlin, me and my whole gang went boating. Well we were lucky that there is still like a boat tour during winter time. We kinda expected that we will not be able to follow our agenda with doing…

Berlin 2015

Honeymoon in Berlin! What is the best way to do after our winter wedding? Be in Berlin with the ones we care and love much. This time we took the boat tour and saw Berlin at it’s best. We did really have a great time at that time 🙂 31st of January 2015