Berlin, Germany: Boat Tour

This is the first time for us to visit Berlin during winter.

On our 2nd day in Berlin, me and my whole gang went boating. Well we were lucky that there is still like a boat tour during winter time. We kinda expected that we will not be able to follow our agenda with doing a boat ride because it is unusual to do a boating tour during winter time.

The boat tour is an hour roaming around Berlin. I must say that the tour almost covers most of the tourists spots of Berlin. You can go above the boat and stay there to get the 360 view. In the boat they serve food and drinks, which is nice after the long stay at the top of the boat. The only thing that I find not really nice was that the tour during that time was only spoken in German and we dont speak german. It would be lovely if they also allow english version of the tour even in winter.

Well It was still nice to visit and do a boat ride during winter. We experienced lots of snow this time!

Watch out for the bridge! It’s kinda low.



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