Im Back!

The reason why I havent posted much the past month is that because… We bought a house 🙂 …

I, we are officially owners of a house that is 4 mins away from the beach, a great view of the dunes and also a nice view of the other nearby beach houses.

Well, our house is not that big but it is enough for the 2 of us to have a good start as a married couple. Good vibes on this house, we started it right by making it ourselves, from the floors to the kitchen. Im amazed how handy I have become. I knew how to build some cabinets and make good use of the hammer and nails with screws.

I will post next time the results. I cant wait to finish everything at this moment and just finally chill and live a normal life again. I never knew how tiring is it to move! haha…


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