Day 2: Cochem, Germany and other little towns.

Our second day of stay in Cochem, Germany.

Since Cochem is not a big place to explore, we decided to go a bit further and visit one of the nicest places along the river. This day, we visited Bern Kastel. It is a 30 minute drive away from Cochem. It is a bit bigger than Cochem, but you will see the difference with their buildings, the amount of tourists and the surroundings.

We stayed in Bern Kastel for 2 hours to walk and explore what it has to offer. They have lovely buildings and also a nice view of the river. They also have many varieties of shops and restaurants around.  


Slanted house
After visiting Bern Kastel, we looked at the map and thought of going to Monreal. Monreal is one of the places that the owner of the hotel suggested for us to visit. I was actually surprised how beautiful Monreal was.  It is a small town with a lot of very beautiful typical German style houses and I love their bridge on which you can just sit and relax from the sound of the running creek.

Next we went to Burg Eltz. This castle is hidden in the mountains. It is not very easy to find but worth the visit. What I find amazing is that, they still have the antiques of the castle since the 1500’s. There is a guided tour that explains everything about the castle and a museum where you can find all the treasures of the Castle.


And at the end of the day, we went to the center of Cochem and ate at one of the best restaurant there. It’s an Italian restaurant and it’s called Castello.  


Seafood Plate
Mixed Grill
30th of June 2015


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