Day 3: Trier, Germany

This is my third day of vacation.  So we decided to move and go to out next destination which is in Luxembourg. But before going to Luxembourg, we did a little detour and went to Trier. It is not far away from our last destination which is in Cochem.

Trier is a city in Germany. It is also beautiful and at the same time busy, unlike the suburbs of Mösel.

In Trier, you can see the Porto Nigra or the large Roman city gate in Germany. It was well preserved and you can actually go tour inside this building. You can go up and have a great view of the whole center of Trier.

After the hour 30 minutes trip of the Porta Nigra, we decided to walk more around the city and found the St. Peter’s Cathedral. It was amazingly big and beautiful.

1st of July 2015


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