Italy: Stresa, Lago Maggiore

After our island tour in the Lake Maggiore, we were brought back to main land and ended in Stresa. It is a town that has a great view of the Lake Maggiore.   We walked around Stresa and found it to be a nice place where you can shop and dine. The shopping center is…

Italy: Cannero Riviera

Finally after some time, we reached our B&B in Cannero Riviera. Casa Al Mulino is the name of our place of stay. We were given a room at the first floor. It had a little view on the lake and the place is quiet. The room had it’s basics and our bathroom was somewhat downstairs….

France: Chamonix

Next destination: Chamonix, France. But before that, on our way we found this creek that made us stop and enjoy the sounds of the running water. The water was cool and was even nice to wash your hands with mountain water. What made us visit this little town?… We just want to see Mont Blanc….

Christmas in UK

December 25 2016 Im a year late posting our English Christmas Experience. We woke up early in the morning to start preparing for the Christmas lunch and yes, it’s Christmas lunch. I have learned that in UK or at least at the Norfolk region, they start the feast at around 16:00 onwards and then after…

United Kingdom: Wymondham

Our third day in United Kingdom. (December 24 2016) This day we went to Wymondham or pronouced Wyndham. We roamed around the little town and during our visit, it was not busy. We ate at The Green Dragon that was built at 1615 and still standing until to this day. It is a pub. This…