30 Things I Learned After Being 30

So, here is it… I’m  31 and it’s my birthday. Hearing the word thirty and telling them that you’re 30 just made me realize that I kissed goodbye to my 20’s not so long ago. It’s not that it’s bad, but rather thinking how I’ve grown from a girl to a lady. Now I want to share all the things I’ve learned in my journey to the 30’s.

30. Thirty is just a number.

Yeah, it is! I am still the person I know and at the same time i’m not. I look a bit mature but loving the transition. There are lots of things that changed through out the years. I became stronger, wiser and I think better in making life decisions.

29. I found new loved hobbies. 

Thanks youtube for being the teacher who taught me do the things that I’ve never ever thought of doing that I can do. I learned how to do crochet, knit, play the ukulele, the piano, the guitar, cook and more!

28. I learned to speak different languages. 

I can fluently speak 3 languages. Tagalog (Philippine language) , English and Dutch! Plus I’m picking up Spanish, German and French words throughout the years.

27. I got to do a lot of traveling and experienced different cultures. 

Visiting different countries made me realize that I am just a little spec in the world. Big diversities of people with different cultures are present in this place we lived in. There are lots of things that you can see and at the same time learn how to respect each other’s cultures and it’s norms.

26. I became more handy. 

I built our house! I learned how to paint the walls, constructing the kitchen, putting up laminated floors and built cabinets. I learned how to use a drill and many more.

25. I gained self- confidence. 

Some of my friends might think that this would be a no issue at all for I’ve been very active on school and always win on school/ class election as president. But sad to say, I still have that part of me where I find myself not confident at what I do. I am a perfectionist so everything I do seems not to be good enough. Even sharing this blog is a big step for me.

24. People do come and go. 

At the age of 30, your family or love ones will just not be there anymore for you. This is the age where you can expect everything. You lose the ones that you loved and at the same time meet new people who can actually be there for you.

23. I have gained a few trusted friends

True friends never leave, they might not always be visible or there for you but you know that on one call, you can count on them.

22. I learned to budget. 

It’s not only money wise, but budget time, efficiency and allocate my interest on more positive things.

21. Don’t live in the past. 

It is nice to remember things from the past, but living from it is a horrible idea. It is better to move forward and look at the bright side of life.

20. Don’t let anyone bring you down. 

No matter what you do, be proud of yourself. Let them bash you or talk behind your back, it does not matter. The only thing you have to think is that you’re doing something good  that’s why they were trying to pull you down.

19. Learning from mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, but doing the same mistakes is just pure stupidity. Let mistakes be an example of an unsuccessful doing, and pick up the things that you think will make things better. It’s like trial and error.

18. Traveling does not have to be expensive

All you need is your feet to move and explore the wonders of earth. But, of course the help of the car will bring you in a lot of places.

17. Don’t stress yourself, take it slow. 

By observing the hectic work days of the Dutch community which is they work by the clock. I acquired the skill to be one of them. But time to time, my Filipino genes still kicks in and tells me to take it slow. Life is not meant for us to work hard and forget living a life. We must also learn how to appreciate the things around us by taking it slow.

16. Be the one who makes someone else’s day

I know it’s not easy to make somebody happy in an instant, but one simple smile or a greeting of hello will probably be enough to make someones day.

15. Health is wealth

Changing seasons from winter, spring, summer or fall… (all you got to do is call… I got distracted! ) your body suffers from drastic changes and makes your immune system a bit messed up. So, due to this situation, I tend to take vitamins more and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. We must remember, we only have one body to take good care of.

14. Stop, look and listen

Stop and give time for yourself. You might be busy all the time worrying or doing unnecessary things but I realized that those are just some little specs in life that make things meaningful.

Look and appreciate the things that you see. Enjoy the lights, the hues, colors around you. Enjoy every moving or still objects. See the art in everything.

Listen and relax to sounds around you. Listen what people want to say for it can maybe the one who can save them. Listen to the sounds of the birds chirping, the waves, the silence.

13. Technology is not always the answer.

I admit that i’m a gadget freak. I love technology and it’s works. I like how it makes our everyday life easier, but it is also nice to go back to basics. It is common nowadays to be around robots but they cannot fulfill your needs or even your happiness. It can bring you joy in a day or two or weeks but it cannot bring the pleasure in your heart of what you are aiming for.

12. I can do it! 

Never say “I can’t do it or it will never work”. There’s always a way to make things easier. It’s never an easy road but there’s always a way to reach your goal.

11. Not being the number 1 in school. 

Ok, one asian stereotype “y u no doctor yet?!!”. I lived my school life always trying to get the number 1 place. I tried but there are always a competition but also got what I aim for. I always wanted to prove that I am smart, intellectual or genius. My parents pushed me hard to get to the top that they succeed and I am thankful for that. But not being the number 1 in school is the end of your career. In the real world, they will base you on how you cope up and get things done in the most possible efficient way. You will be treated like any other person and nobody will ask what grade did you get for a math exam.

10. Be flexible

OCD type, well not totally. I like things that are in order, from colors, length, width and how things are arranged. I usually fidget when I see something mismatched or not in the same dimension. In life, there are lots of things that are faulty, so it’s us to decide to learn how to go with it or ruin the day because of one little change. Learning how to be flexible is a wonder, I tend to keep that one side of stress to fly away.

9. This is the age where most of your friends are getting married or having their own family.

And yes I’m also married but without kids. I just realized that this is actually the time where all of my friends or acquaintances are getting married and started to have their own family. This is the time where you are pressured to settle down and start your own family. But like I say to everybody, children will come when they come. There is still a part of me where I am not yet ready to have this big responsibility. I enjoy being alone with my husband and travel.

8. Music is great.

Like what I said before, I learned to play different kinds of instruments and loving it! What I like about music is that there is always a music for all kinds of moods that we have. I learned to love music more and more. I sing, play instruments and even did dj-ing. Music helped me by concentrating during my exams, lifting my mood up and even let me reminisce all the things that happened in my life.

7. Never stop learning

Don’t limit yourself with one thing. Be educated, let yourself divulge into the depths of the wonders of the earth or even the universe. Learn through experience and apply what you acquired.

6. I have lived a thousand lives.

Ridiculous, no… Each book I read, movies and series I see and acts in the theater during school, I must say I’ve been somebody who is not me. It is like I took a big adventure, my imagination that helped me be the better person I am.

5. Blood is thicker than water.

No matter what you do, your family is always there for you. They are your pillars, they are the one who will support you in every decision you make. They can be a pain at sometime but they will still have your back when the trouble is running after you. But in the other hand, my husband becomes a mix of blood and water. He is my supporter and and it is awesome to be a part of him.

4. Do at least something that you haven’t ever done before. 

This is like fulfilling your bucket list. There are certain things that I haven’t done before and would like to try in the future. Like maybe sky dive, riding a helicopter or something not super extreme. There’s always a room for doing something different.

3. Being far away from your family doesn’t mean that they forget you. They are just there waiting for you to come back. 

I’ve been living in the Netherlands for some time now. There are times where you feel helpless for missing everybody home. Luckily, I don’t have this big homesickness syndrome. It was my decision to be far, it was for the good for this is one of the way where I can help my parents with our daily lives. Working abroad helped everybody, I’m proud that I’m a part of my siblings success in school. Sometimes you can think that they forget you, I lose contact with my brothers and sister. I mean, I don’t really have that bond with them like other’s have because I can’t talk to them all the time due to our conflicting schedules and time differences. But whenever I’m at home in the Philippines, that’s the time where I feel like I’m there again for them and they are there for you. They never forget that you are still their child or their big sister.

2. Love yourself.

Learning to love yourself is actually difficult. It is because sometimes we tend to find all our faulty sides that makes us insecure and not confident in what we do. We just have to accept that this is who we are. It is nice to regularly pamper ourselves and give the best treatment but those are just some little extras. But knowing how to love yourself truly is a gift for this can bring happiness in your inner self.

1. God is in your heart.

I know that as a catholic, it is our obligation to go every Sunday to the church. To be honest, being a strict catholic in the Philippines and living here in the Netherlands is a bit challenging. I know there are still churches in Holland where I can attend mass, but I just don’t feel it. So what I learned is that, even though I don’t attend the mass here regularly, I know in my heart that God is there to protect, guide and giving me strength in everything I do. It gives me security whenever I feel not a 100%.

So, that’s it! I will embrace my journey to the 30’s! 

Live, laugh and love, 


Last Day in Brugge, Belgium

Since we already toured around the beautiful city of Brugge the past days that we stayed there, we finally ended our day by going to the Belfort or the Belfry and their beer museum.

The first stop of our last day trip is at the beer museum. We were too early to drink beer during our visit, but we are happy enough to see their collection. I think that this is the biggest collection of beer we’ve ever seen. It has most of the European beers and most specially the Belgian beers. It was fun to visit and it’s free!

After our visit at the beer museum,we decided to go to the  Belfry. So without looking for any information about the Belfry, we dared to visit the said attraction. I used the word “dare” because we knew that we have to visit the top of the tower. We just did not know how far and how many steps would it take us to the top until we read the information by the reception that the tower is 83 meters high with 366 stairs that we have to climb.

We reached the top! We were glad that it was not that too busy during our visit. We got the chance to look and enjoy our panoramic view of Brugge and hear the loud ringing bells of the Belfry.

After our tiring climb of the tower, my husband treated ourselves to some waffle on a stick, Belgian style! Lovely waffle! They really have the best chocolate!

Belgium: Brugge (Day 2)

Day 2: We went boating and walked non-stop.

One thing that is nice to do when you are in Brugge is to do their guided boating tour. It is nice, relaxing and learn the history of Brugge at the same time. Luckily it’s not raining during our visit, it was a perfect day to do the tour.

After our boat trip, we decided to just walk around the center. It is beautiful! I find it nicer than the other big cities in Belgium. I love their chocolates, OMG! They have waffles, crepes and more chocolates. They also love doing handwork like stitching, Brugge is one big museum.

I still can’t get over this view, our hotel gave  us their best room. This is what we see whenever we wake up in the morning. You can see swans swimming around and hear all the birds chirping

Another thing in Brugge, it seems that it never sleeps. Brugge is filled with lights at night and when you are there, you feel like you are walking in a fairytale. People are also just walking around and enjoying the lovely sight of this city.

Oh and when you are in Brugge, don’t miss out on eating their mussels. It is one of their specialty there. They even have different kinds of sauces that will really make your mouth water.

“Jack” the Jack Russell

Just wanted to share that last November 28 2015, we adopted a Jack Russell. This little cutie finally found its home, with us. We are so happy to have him, he’s the sweetest dog and the real owned dog I’ve ever had.
Jack is born on the 28th of August 2014 and weighs 7.6kgs. He is a well trained puppy and have super duper high levels of energy. He loves to play the ball and his frisbee. He loves walking at the beach and his playground is the dunes of Zandvoort. He also have 2 bestfriends now, they are burre (frisse stabij dutch dog) and bonne (spanish podengo dog). He is very intelligent and a quick learner. Shows tricks for treats. He is trully a Jack Russell.

But, there’s a long story behind the adoption. I was at work and had no clue that my husband will adopt a dog. He told me that it was a spontaneous plan and it was actually a suggestion of my mom-in-law to get a dog. He told me that he first went doggie accessories shopping and even had no idea if he can get or what kind of dog he will be able to bring home at that day. He and his mom went to 3 animal shelters before they found this little sweetie.

My husband was picking me up from work and seeing Jack in the car sitting at the front seat, I was kinda confused. I actually dont know how to react. The first thing I’ve even said was “What is that?!, whose dog is that?!” At my surprise, my husband told me, it’s your dog, our dog. I even told him that I dont believe that it’s ours and asked for a proof. Looking at his passport and adoption papers I was in total shock, I even told him that “You know that im allergic to dogs right?” But he just told me, “you’ll soon get over it and for sure you’ll love him”… I was very hesitant and full of worries at the first minutes, but after a while of petting I told my husband that I love this dog. I’m glad you got him for me, for us.

So yeah, i’m now a proud owner of a Jack Russell and here is the first ever photo I took of him.

Day 4: Luxembourg

Today is our second day in Luxembourg.

We decided to explore the nearby places from Vianden. 

Beaufort Castle


Echternach cityhall


Abbey of Echternach


Park in Echternach

After spending some time eating, shopping and roaming around Echternach, we went back to Vianden. We were looking for a nice place to eat dinner and we ended up going up the mountain and enjoy this little peaceful place.
During the sunset, we walked around Vianden and we ended up at the bridge with the view of the castle. 

Oh and I forgot! Since I visited a new country here’s another jumpshot!