Italy: Cannero Riviera

Finally after some time, we reached our B&B in Cannero Riviera.

Casa Al Mulino is the name of our place of stay. We were given a room at the first floor. It had a little view on the lake and the place is quiet. The room had it’s basics and our bathroom was somewhat downstairs. The B&B is near the lake and also near the restaurant areas. Breakfast was ok, not much to choose from but it was enough to fill our stomachs.

Just the window of our parking space
Casa Al Mulino (The room)
The view from the balcony

On our first day in Cannero Riviera, we decided to rest a bit in the B&B before we headed to the lake. There was a place where you would normally find campers. Closeby there was a small and quiet beach where we took a nice refreshing dip in the water.

After our dip in the Lake Maggiore, we roamed around the small town. We found our way to the boulevard. It was full of restaurants and bars, where some places offered live music which really accompanied the mood with the beautiful views. This is where we ate a nice dish of authentic Italian food. The only thing short of a perfect experience was a couple of thousand of mosquitos having authentic Filipino and Dutch food for dinner.

Boats (Looks like I’m in a Fairytale)
Nice walk way to the restaurants
Pasta! Tortellini and Gnocchi

11th of July 2017


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