Italy: Arona, Lago Maggiore


Our next destination: Lago Maggiore or known as Lake Maggiore.

After our 4 hour long drive from the Mont Blanc tunnel, we finally reached Lago Maggiore. The lake was pretty, you can see the clear blue water, mountains and also the little towns around it. Lago Maggiore also have islands in it  (that will be further discussed in my next post)

Before going to our b&b, we first went to Arona to check the place. We did not go outside our car anymore but we roamed around to check out the place.

We just did a drive by Arona and found out that it is nice to roam around. We did not have enough time to really go around since we wanted to be on time for our B&B. But surely next time, we are going to explore more of the Lake Maggiore.

11th of July 2017


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