Italy: Island Hopping, Isola dei Pescatori, Lago Maggiore (Part 1)

Today we decided to take it slow since we’ve been driving the past days like crazy. I’ve checked out Tripadvisor to see what for activities we can actually do in the town. We saw some islands that is not far away from our place. So I thought we should try to go there.

So the first thing that you have to do is drive to Stresa, park near the boulevard and there you can see a lot of boats and captains waiting for people to go on a tour. They gave us instructions on how we can do the tour.

We paid 25 euros for touring the 2 Islands, the Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Bella. But before boarding our little boat. We first tried our first real gelato that fits on a very hot day.


The boat ride took 10 minutes long to reach our the first island. The first island we visited is the Isola Pescatori.

Isola Pescatori

The island is full of restaurants. We first ate our lunch by the lake, we had a good view and it is relaxing to hear the waves that is just under the restaurant. I took my first risotto and pizza. They we’re lovely and affordable.

Our view from the restaurant. They even used the grape vines as our roof.
First Italian Risotto

After our good meal, we decided to roam around this little island. Isola Pescatori is not so big. You can visit the island within an hour.

You can find this monument at the end of the Island.
Italian Flag
Relaxing with this view

After our little roam around in Isola Pescatori, we waited for our boat to arrive to pick us up and bring to the next island. The boats are filled every hour. While waiting for the boat, we just enjoyed the view and calmness of the lake.

12 July 2017


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