Italy: Island Hopping, Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore (Part 2)

Isola Bella

From afar, you can already see the beautiful island, it is called Isola Bella. I think they called it Isola Bella because of its beauty. It took us not so long to reach the island with the boat from Isola Pescatori.

The view from the boat

Upon entering the said island, we first visited the church on the Island. It is called San Vittore Martire. It was quiet and cool inside. The church is not that big, but it is calm and can give you the peace to pray.

Traveling further on the island, we finally reached the Palace. From the outside you can see some canons around and the beautiful town near to the island.

And of course, another jumpshot!

After our little roam around and taking shots, we went straight to the famous palace, Palazzo Borromeo. The entrance fee during our visit was €16 per person.

The thing to expect when visiting palaces, you will be guided to different rooms who have their own characteristics. Like their grand entrance, paintings, beautiful painted and barrel vault ceilings and many more.

And from the outside of the Palace, there is this majestic garden with a white peacock and a stunning view of the island.

And of course we were enjoying the warm sun.

12th of July 2017

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