The Netherlands: Delft

This time we went to Delft.

Delft is a city in the province of South Holland. It is an hour drive from Amsterdam. It is one of the popular tourist attraction in The Netherlands and it is known for their Delft Blue Pottery or what the Dutch called it Delfts Blauw.

This time I’m not going to talk about the pottery of Delft but I will talk about the surroundings and why it is nice to visit this place.

Delft have nice canals where swans swim around.


Shops and restaurants are located above and beside  the water.

Before entering the city, this view will show up where the Nieuwe Kerk welcomes you to the city.

And the center of Delft which is big, spacious and have lots of cafes to sit and relax when you visit Delft.


23rd of October 2017


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