France: Chamonix

Next destination: Chamonix, France. But before that, on our way we found this creek that made us stop and enjoy the sounds of the running water. The water was cool and was even nice to wash your hands with mountain water. What made us visit this little town?… We just want to see Mont Blanc….

The Netherlands: Delft

This time we went to Delft. Delft is a city in the province of South Holland. It is an hour drive from Amsterdam. It is one of the popular tourist attraction in The Netherlands and it is known for their Delft Blue Pottery or what the Dutch called it Delfts Blauw. This time I’m not…

United Kingdom: Hickling, Norfolk

After our visit of the seals in Horsey, we were directly brought to a village called Hickling. So, we were happy to be able to reach the sunset. This is one very nice place to view the sunset and where they store their little boats, it literally have boat houses. We did not see much…

United Kingdom: (Little) Walsingham and Wells-Next-The-Sea

After celebrating Christmas with the family, we decided to roam around the Norfolk region. We ended up going to Walsingham. When we arrived, we were welcomed by a church. We also realized that there is also a place called Little Walsingham, but from what I saw, it doesn’t make any difference.  While we walked around…

The Netherlands: Escape Room Zandvoort

We’ve been seeing Escape Room in the social media and people are enthusiastic about their experiences with the so called place. When I was watching Brooklyn Nine- Nine, they featured in one of their episode about Escape Room where they have to solve puzzles. It gives me a clue on how to play the game….