The Netherlands: Escape Room Zandvoort

We’ve been seeing Escape Room in the social media and people are enthusiastic about their experiences with the so called place. When I was watching Brooklyn Nine- Nine, they featured in one of their episode about Escape Room where they have to solve puzzles. It gives me a clue on how to play the game.

So finally we got the guts to try it out. Luckily, in the little town of ours, we have an Escape Room!

The Game: You’ll be locked inside a themed room for 60minutes and solve puzzles to be able to exit the room!


The first thing, there are limited amounts of people that can enter in one room, for the place can be a bit crowded and it would not be fun if there are much people inside the little space. If you are claustrophobic, it can be a problem. But don’t worry the staffs can see you on their cams if ever there’s an emergency.

2nd: There are 3 rooms with different themes. We only tried the “Gold mine” theme. It can fit 5-6 people.  There are also other rooms that only fits 4 people and so fourth. (We are planning to try it next time)

3rd: Your things most especially phones are not allowed in the room. It could lead to cheating the codes that you have to unlock in the room.

4th: Better have a good team working group. You have to solve the puzzles to be able to escape the room within an hour.

5th: Just have fun!

The verdict:

I really enjoyed it and it was a good experience. Personally, I like looking for answers and it challenges my mind. It is a good mind sport! Now I know why people go travel around the world and try Escape rooms in different locations. Having a group of friends playing the game with you can be fun and tricky. Everybody must give their own opinions and work things out and minding that you only have 60 minutes to complete everything, it can be stressful! I wouldn’t mind going there again and try the other rooms. I might also in the future try it in different locations or even out of the country.

BTW: Nope! I’m not giving any clues!


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