UK Trip: Stena Line

United Kingdom here we come!

So one of the easiest way if you want to go to UK is by using Stena line. From Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands, you can reach Harwich, United Kingdom for approximately 7.5 hours.

This would be my first time ever to travel in a ship with a cabin. We were glad to be able to get a flexi ticket for half the price since we were at the right time to book our tickets.

The ship we had was big, we brought our car with us. The ferry has it’s own shops, little arcade games, casino, game room for kids, bar and a restaurant and a lounge. With our flexi ticket, we had an upgrade that allows us to drink unlimited at their lounge and make use of their free wifi.

One thing that I do also liked about traveling in a ship was that, there were a lot of Filipino workers. It feels that I’m back in the Philippines and all of them were glad to assist us and also talk to us during our travel.

We had a cabin during our trip which came in very handy. I did slept good and also had a warm shower. It is very comfortable to just be inside your own little space. You can also change the temperature of the room to cold or warm. The cabin can be very dark and it is spacious enough for a small trip. We were actually happy to get a cabin since the journey is kinda long. It took us 7 hours to sail and luckily there is not much movement during our travel for I can easily get seasick.

All in all, it is not bad to travel in the sea, as long as there is not much wind. The comfort of the ferry was good and I would definitely recommend it as a different alternative to travel.


Bloody MaryDinnerHarwich harbour


22nd of December 2016


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