The Netherlands: Sneek, Friesland

Just a quick visit to Sneek, Friesland.

It's a little city in one of the Provinces of The Netherlands which is in Friesland.

The thing that I liked about this place, is their bridge, where you can see the port. It have it's own charming looks. We did not go further and explored the place, since we were here for other interest. But since we got a little view of the place, we might consider to go again and enjoy the little city.

The Netherlands: Hoorn

This day, we went to Hoorn, Netherlands.

Although it is a bit far from where we live, we decided to visit Hoorn again. We’ve been here before but we didn’t got the chance before to roam around and visit the entire town.

Arriving at Hoorn,  we parked nearby the lake. It was actually already a breathtaking view. You can see the horizon and at the same time enjoy the sunset there.

Walking through the town, I would say that it is actually a nice place to visit. They have nice buildings and gives you a cozy  feeling of just walking around the neighbourhood. It is spacious and have well maintained cultural buildings.


14th of March 2016

Last Day in Brugge, Belgium

Since we already toured around the beautiful city of Brugge the past days that we stayed there, we finally ended our day by going to the Belfort or the Belfry and their beer museum.

The first stop of our last day trip is at the beer museum. We were too early to drink beer during our visit, but we are happy enough to see their collection. I think that this is the biggest collection of beer we’ve ever seen. It has most of the European beers and most specially the Belgian beers. It was fun to visit and it’s free!

After our visit at the beer museum,we decided to go to the  Belfry. So without looking for any information about the Belfry, we dared to visit the said attraction. I used the word “dare” because we knew that we have to visit the top of the tower. We just did not know how far and how many steps would it take us to the top until we read the information by the reception that the tower is 83 meters high with 366 stairs that we have to climb.

We reached the top! We were glad that it was not that too busy during our visit. We got the chance to look and enjoy our panoramic view of Brugge and hear the loud ringing bells of the Belfry.

After our tiring climb of the tower, my husband treated ourselves to some waffle on a stick, Belgian style! Lovely waffle! They really have the best chocolate!

Belgium: Brugge (Day 2)

Day 2: We went boating and walked non-stop.

One thing that is nice to do when you are in Brugge is to do their guided boating tour. It is nice, relaxing and learn the history of Brugge at the same time. Luckily it’s not raining during our visit, it was a perfect day to do the tour.

After our boat trip, we decided to just walk around the center. It is beautiful! I find it nicer than the other big cities in Belgium. I love their chocolates, OMG! They have waffles, crepes and more chocolates. They also love doing handwork like stitching, Brugge is one big museum.

I still can’t get over this view, our hotel gave  us their best room. This is what we see whenever we wake up in the morning. You can see swans swimming around and hear all the birds chirping

Another thing in Brugge, it seems that it never sleeps. Brugge is filled with lights at night and when you are there, you feel like you are walking in a fairytale. People are also just walking around and enjoying the lovely sight of this city.

Oh and when you are in Brugge, don’t miss out on eating their mussels. It is one of their specialty there. They even have different kinds of sauces that will really make your mouth water.

France: Lille

This day, we decided to visit Lille, France.

First impression: Big city, busy and the buildings were comparable as the ones in Paris. But of course, Lille have it’s own identity by the architectures around it.

Since we are staying in Brugge, Belgium during that time, we decided to explore the nearby cities and found out that Lille is not that far away from our current location. We looked at our navigation and go through to our unplanned trip.

It is a sunny busy day as I may say. It feels and really looks different from Brugge. Lille have nice buildings and a center. It is alive! Lots of shops and restaurants and it is nice to walk around the city. Lille also have a very big park where you can rent a bike and roam around it. Outside the center, tall buildings surrounds Lille, they are really not my favourite but they go together to the city feeling.

We spend 4 hours in Lille walking and shopping. It was a nice experience to visit this lovely city.