United Kingdom: Brancaster, Norfolk

Our second day in UK.

Before our trip to Brancaster, we were first brought to Docking, Norfolk. We first checked the nice appartment of my sister in law. It is actually for rent! The location is perfect for trips going to Brancaster beach and it has a very cozy ambiance.

After our short visit at the appartment, we went directly to Brancaster Beach. This beach is very popular in this region. Eventhough it was a very cold day, people are still visiting and walking around. I liked this beach because its very spacious and clean.

Seals are swimming freely too. Seal!

Bunkers were present in this area.

During spring and summer season, this field is filled with flowers.

Reaching the end of our hike, Brancaster have it’s own golf course.

After our long hike from the beach, we were brought to the Jolly Sailors Brancaster Staithe. This is where we were able to see how low tide works in the coast of Norfolk.

And we ended our day with our first visit at the English Pub. We ate and drank at The Ship Hotel, where we got the freshest seafood from the town and got the taste of our first English beer!

December 23 2016


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