The Netherlands: Gouda

If you are a cheese lover you probably heard about Gouda Cheese. Gouda is a place in the province of South Holland that is an hour drive from Amsterdam. It is known to some Dutch delicacies most especially their cheese. So what can you see in Gouda?     15 march 2017 Advertisements

The Netherlands: Escape Room Zandvoort

We’ve been seeing Escape Room in the social media and people are enthusiastic about their experiences with the so called place. When I was watching Brooklyn Nine- Nine, they featured in one of their episode about Escape Room where they have to solve puzzles. It gives me a clue on how to play the game….

The Netherlands: Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, Zandvoort

Shall I introduce you to the beautiful dunes of Zandvoort which brings you closer to nature and giving you a nice scenery to enjoy, rest and be away from the busy life of the city. To get you started, the place has it’s own parking lot and you have to pay for the entrance. Dogs…

The Netherlands: Giethoorn

Welcome to Giethoorn! Giethoorn a place where there are no roads for vehicles to travel but only uses boats to be able to roam around the town. It is an hour and a half drive if you are in Amsterdam. It is easy to find with the use of your navigation and rental boats are…

The Netherlands: Groenendaal Park, Heemstede

We were invited to go to a park that is near from where we live. We thought that the activity will be only walking in the woods, but we were wrong. This includes a little petting zoo and children’s playground. But that is not the only thing that it can offer, it can also give…