United Kingdom: (Little) Walsingham and Wells-Next-The-Sea

After celebrating Christmas with the family, we decided to roam around the Norfolk region. We ended up going to Walsingham. When we arrived, we were welcomed by a church. We also realized that there is also a place called Little Walsingham, but from what I saw, it doesn’t make any difference.  While we walked around Walsingham, we found ruins of The Friary.

We arrived quite early at Walsingham, so we thought of having a cup of coffee or tea somewhere in the village. But then we were told that everything was closed. So after no luck of finding a cafe nearby, we paid a visit at the chapel.

The whole village was very religious. We even met a very nice lady who offered us to drink a cup of coffee at her house.

After having our coffee with the sweet lady, we drove around and went to our next destination which is not so far away from Little Walsingham.  We arrived at the Wells-next-the-Sea.  When we reached our destination, the place was full packed and found no luck with parking. We did not got the time to go down and explore the place. But we saw this boat saying Traditional Dutch Pancakes, it was funny since we are from The Netherlands.


December 26 2016


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