The Netherlands: Boerensport (Activity)

Boerensport: Farmers Sport (in my own translation)

This actually happened around May 2016.

So what is this Boerensport I’m talking about?!! It was our team building day. The organizers did not tell us what are we going to do at that day.  All we knew was that we have to wear old clothes, shoes and be ready to be active.

We went to a place named Nieuw Vennep.  It is an almost an hour drive from our place. Upon arriving to the said location, all we saw was a farm land with no visibility of what we are going to do. It was not so hot that day, some of us wore jackets to keep us warm from the open field. Then we realized and saw on the welcome board that we are going to do Boerensport.

To be honest, I did not know what to expect or even do. I have never been or did mud sport. So I just accepted the fact that we have roll around, swim and test our agility and power on doing this very challenging game.

I never knew that it would be a funny and nice day for all of us!

So here’s to our action shots!






The Fault In Our Stars

I love the book and I love the movie.  That’s the first thing I said after I read and watched the movie.

The book:


I’ve been searching for the English version of the book for the past months. Most of the time when I go to a bookshop, they only offer a copy of this book in Dutch language. I’m still one of those people who actually prefer real books than e-readers. I was super happy to have finally found the book.  I actually did not know what to expect about this book. I haven’t read anything about it but I was curious enough to give it a try since almost everybody is going gaga about it.

Honestly, I can’t put the book down. It took me several days to actually finish the story. I also brought my copy at work and find time to read it when im not that busy.  I love the story, it’s not the ordinary ones as I may say. It’s light on some parts and heavy most of the time. Tears come flowing, I am moved.

The movie:


When I knew that there would be a movie of The Fault In Our Stars, I said to myself that I have to go watch it. I have to watch it as soon as the movie arrives here in the Netherlands. I’m kinda proud that they shot a part of the film in Amsterdam in which where I used to go everyday.

After watching the movie, it made me think about the one I read.  They actually filled my imagination. I already expected that they will look the same. They gave justice to the book and I’m happy about it. I can’t stop sobbing at the cinema. I like the way on how they portray the characters in the book. Free flowing and it seems like it’s natural which I kinda like and not thinking that they are actors in a movie.

In real life, I kinda know how it is like to deal with people with cancer. I have handled patients with cancer and know people who are fighting and still fighting cancer. I hate how cancer is being a bitch to people, how it actually change people’s lives. I salute and respect the ones who are dealing with it. They are strong,  they are really strong people.

14th of July 2014

The Netherlands: Zaanse Schans (2nd visit)

Visiting Zaanse Schans for the second time.

I still find this place very nice. I find it amusing to be able to get near to the famous Dutch windmills and learn their history. From what I learned, every windmill have its own name. The dutchies are naming their mills according to the purpose or something that means a lot for them, which I think is cool.

Finally, we are now on time when visiting Zaanse Schans. We were early and we have the chance to roam around and see all of the attractions.

Weather at this time was kinda preferable, it’s still cold (like always) but at least no rain which is a win!

This is the time where we were able to see how the clogs were made. Its kinda cool how they made those wooden shoes.

We also went to the cheese store and tasted like all kinds of cheese that Holland can actually offer.

We also went inside a windmill and see how the mill works,  plus we can also buy the nice cinnamon candy and cookies like the speculaas.





14th of February 2014

The Netherlands: Artis Zoo

Who would have thought that Amsterdam have a zoo?  Well in the busy city of Amsterdam, Artis Zoo is also one of the main attractions that you can do in Amsterdam. The zoo is spacious and somehow the animals are well taken care of. There’s an ongoing maintenance during our visit, so we were not able to see all of the attractions, but with enough space and animals to see, you wouldn’t even bother of not seeing the ones that are missing. What I love about the zoo, there are sea lions and you can see them swimming around through the glass. I also love their butterfly house. Butterflies flies freely and you can actually touch them.




6th of November 2013

Playstation 4

Neither of us, me and my bf were thinking of getting or pre-ordering the Playstation 4. So upon the release of this console,  we realized that we would actually want to have one for ourselves.

So here’s the challenge- get the Playstation 4 on the spot/ on the release date. It was not that actually easy. Gamers during this time would not be very happy to sell their own pre-ordered Playstation because they actually waited for months or years before they can actually grab the console.

We went to different stores,  called the stores and searched the internet. After several attempts of random calls, we finally found somebody who is selling their ps4 and it is kinda pricy. 😦

Returning home with smiles on our faces, we could not wait to open the box and play with it.

Playstation 4: I love it!

The only thing that I think that the Ps4 misses is that they still dont have that much games available for their platform and the gamers shall wait for the next months for the release.

But as far as I am playing with PS4, I love it!



29th of November 2013