Oculus Rift: Virtual Reality Headset


Oculus Rift Development Kit
Oculus Rift Development Kit

To be honest: I only used the Oculus Rift for roughly 5 mins. I tried the roller coaster sample and as I may say, I felt like I was really in a roller coaster hence im sitting on an office chair connected to a butt kicker.  Oculus Rift is kinda big but it is comfortable to wear since you can adjust on how tight you would like the Oculus Rift to hold in your head. So, wearing the glass gives you a 2 sided view, like for each eye. It is cool that when you move your head around, the surrounding gives a 360 view of where you are looking into. It doesn’t matter if you stand or sit, it just works. It makes you feel like you are actually in the game.

The graphics, well it can be better. I think they still need to polish the graphics more because for me it looks a bit rough but I think more upgrades will come soon!

The only thing that I don’t like about the Oculus Rift: After the 5 mins of use, I felt like vomitting. Im nauseated, I guess my eyes are not yet ready for the virtual reality gaming. But with this invention, I think it will be a hit in the near future to those who love gadgets and wants to experience the virtual reality world.


29th of September 2013


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