Zandvoort Alive

Every year in my new hometown Zandvoort, we have this annual beach party rave where dj’s play their sets and people go partying until 01:00am max. It is nice to go there with friends, music is free and just join the party. Usually 5 bars organizes this event. So drink and dance til you drop at the beach! Well looking forward to the next Zandvoort Alive!

View of the party from above!

View of the party from above!


21st of July 2013

The Netherlands: Kermis in Zandvoort

I could not remember if I’ve been to some local fair when I am still a little kid. Normally fairs in the Philippines are always super busy and I think my mom didn’t bring us there a lot. But in anyway, now that im here in the Netherlands, I did not expect that they actually do this.  It’s fun as I may say but the games are just sucking all the money out of you. Zandvoort is busy!

So there are little rollercoasters, shooting ranges, claw cranes and many more…


They also have a little fireworks display.

IMG_2742 IMG_2785


21th of July 2013

Wii U as a 27th yr old Birthday Gift

It is again a happy birthday to me! Eventhough my birthday was like last month, my bf still gave a gift to me and that was the Wii U console. I did not even ask or rather thought of buying or even having this game console since I am not yet really aware that this one is already out there and rocking. I actually thought that this is just an ordinary and a bit upgraded Wii.

Wii U the basic pack: It includes, the Tablet or game pad and the console plus the wires.

Wii U is touch screen and have a comfortable feeling when you are playing on the game pad. I love it when you can actually turn off your tv and just play directly on the game pad. You dont have to be always connected to a wire because the game pad is rechargeable.  The camera helps on some games when interacting with the surroundings. You can also of course interact with other players and play with them. You can also use the old Wii controlers and the sensor to play.

The only thing that I dont like with the Wii U is that, it takes long time updating. An update can let you wait for an hour or more and we have fast internet (150mbps)

Well since the release of Wii U was not that far away from the time it was bought, we say that there are not so many games released yet. Although they have some games on the Nintendo e-shop, they still need to release more games.  The games that I do have at the moment is the Super Mario bros. I love the game Super Mario, it brings childhood memories.

Wii U gamepad

Wii U gamepad


29th of May 2013

The Netherlands: Noordwijk


Im free! This day, we went to Noordwijk. We did not plan going there. We just decided to go there since again, I haven’t been to that place yet.

It is a little town in Holland where the beach is located and have a nice shopping street. I like the place and also the food. That day we went eating at Chicoleo a Mexican restaurant and of course roam around. It was a fun and not so warm day.


IMG_2692 IMG_2694 IMG_2695



7th of July 2013