The Philippines: Puerto Galera, Mindoro (Day 3)

Our 3rd day in Puerto Galera is the time we have to check out from our hotel. But that doesnt stop us from enjoying our last day in this little paradise. After preparing for leaving, we headed to the port station which is just at the end of the beach. There are boats waiting there….

The Philippines: Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro (Day 2)

Early in the morning, we decided that we are going island hopping this day. I started my day by eating one of my favorite crackers from the Philippines and drinking coffee while enjoying the view around our hotel! Beautiful greens and the view of Mount Halcon   After eating our breakfast, we hired a tricycle…

The Philippines: Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro (Day 1)

This day, we are going to Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro!  Puerto Galera is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines that is not so far from Manila. It is known for it’s beautiful sea and beach, diving spots, beach parties, relaxation and much more.  Everybody was excited for our little trip. I…

The Philippines: Music 21 Plaza (Family KTV Rooms)

It’s karaoke time baby! One thing that the Filipino’s loves to do for a family gathering is to go to a karaoke bar. This time we invited our relatives to go to Music 21 Plaza which can be found in Malate, Manila. I liked this Karaoke place because this gives a nice privacy where  you…

The Philippines: Bag of Beans, Tagaytay City

After our long walk in the warm hill of Caleruega, Nasugbu Batangas, we decided to have a quick detour and we ended up in Tagaytay. Bag of Beans is known in Tagaytay as a cafe- restaurant. I just like to include this place here because this is where we spent our evening with the family….