Italy: Cipressa Liguria

Following our little expedition through the beautiful land of Italy, we finally reached our next destination and that is in the commune of Cipressa, in the Liguria region.

Bird’s eye view of Cipressa

Upon arriving on our Medieval rented home, we were welcomed with their church. We couldn’t go inside yet because it was closed during our time of visit. By looking at the church, you can really see how old and traditional it is. It is amazing on how it is still well preserved.

Cipressa is a quiet town, but it has a lot of character and an authentic feel with the old and modern times in Italy. From the town you have a good view of the Ligurian sea.

Our little home in Cipressa. The owner was proud enough to tell us that the house was built during the Medieval times. You can clearly see it through its high vaulted shape of the ceilings.

The house was big enough for 7 people. It has all the ammenities that we needed.

And of course, after our long trip along the long Italian roads, we deserved to have a little feast and ate at the L’ Olivapazza in Cipressa which is just walking distance from our place of stay. The food was superb! The wine too was well fitting with the food. It was the best thing to end the day!

13 July 2017


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