The Netherlands: Daf 33 Road Trip

Still in Brabant and we don’t know what to do. Looking up at the net and finally we found an idea which will make our little holiday memorable.

We thought of why not try driving a vintage car that is an original of the Netherlands. Its the Daf 33.

What to expect: Starting the car would be a bit tricky, because it either goes forward or backward without any control. It does not have any fan or heater, so it’s either very cold or too hot when driving. Before we are able to reverse, you have to turn off the engine. And… expect that people around you will be staring at you and at the car at all times because it is the famous Daf 33 of the Netherlands.


The drive was amazing, we were given a map where we can see some great places in Brabant. It was very fun to do. I also got the chance to see the Daf 33 and the Solex (motorized bicycle) collection that the owner have and for rent. It is really cool!

Daf 33 Collection
Daf 33 Collection
Solex Collection
Solex Collection

12th of October 2013


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