Philippines: Sol Y Viento, Calamba, Laguna

It’s swimming time!

This is our first swimming trip from our vacation in the Philippines. My parents brought us to Sol Y Viento in Calamba, Laguna. I’ve been to Calamba lots of times before and it is still our favorite hot spring hang-out of my family. Since it was the first time again for our guests, my parents really made a good choice of bringing us to this place. My bf and his sister were really amazed with the sight of what they saw with this location.

Sol Y Viento is a hot spring resort that is located somewhere within a mountain. The location was really fantastic and it was also my first time to visit the resort and im really impressed. It is a real beauty to go swimming with a view of the mountain and the lake. They have 2 big swimming pools and 1 jacuzzi. The jacuzzi is really hot though but really nice to go, relax  and it is a natural jacuzzi because the water and heat comes from the mountain. The staffs were very friendly and they made sure that our stay is hassle free! I would like to go there again!

5th of April 2013


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