Philippines: Manila Tour

This time, we toured our guests around Manila,  which is the capital city of the Philippines. Our house in Manila is very near the Malacañang Palace, where our  president stays/office.  We walked our way first to St. Jude Parish Church. It is where I always go to church during my college days. It was a thursday, so it was busy and people are praying their novenas. We walked more and showed them the Malacañang Palace. We were planning to go to the Malacañang Palace Museum, but we were informed that we need to make an appointment and also wear formal attire. Photos and Videos were also not allowed within the vicinity of the Palace for its safety and protection.

After the walk from the Palace, I brought them to my school. It is La Consolacion College Manila in Mendiola. I showed them where I studied my nursing years. It is just sad that we cannot go inside the vicinity again because they told me that we need another permit to enter the school premises. I am allowed to go in because im an alumni, but my brother, my bf and his sister were not allowed to go inside. But im glad that at least I showed them where I studied. I suddenly missed my college years.

La Consolacion College Manila

La Consolacion College Manila

After being in Mendiola, we walked to San Sebastian Basilica. San Sebastian Basilica is known in Manila for it is the only metal church there. The church is literally made out of metal and stood there for hundreds of years. The church is really nice to check out and also take a time to pray and rest in the hot summer day.

After going to San Sebastian Basilica, we walked our way to Quiapo. It is the busiest place in Manila. Anything can happen there, and of course me and my brother were not even bothered to bring our guests to Quiapo. It is funny because they liked it there so much. They even love the Quiapo Underground Pass. Since we are in Quiapo, we have to bring them to the center of it, and it is the Black Nazarene Church or also known as the Quiapo Church.

Our next destination is to Intramuros. We took the Jeepney from Quiapo to Intramuros. It is their first time to ride our colorful jeepney and they love it. Intramuros is a historical place in Manila. It is a city within the walls. Those walls protected the Filipinos from the Spaniards.


4th of April 2013

Philippines: Tagaytay

For our 3rd day in the Philippines,  we went to Tagaytay. It is a travel of 1 and half away Manila. When we say Tagaytay, the first thing that is in my mind is the Taal volcano. It is one of the smallest and active volcano in the Philippines. Tagaytay is also one of our family’s favorite weekend hangout. My papa just drive us almost every weekend when we were still young. We love that place. I also love how my dad always bring us to my favorite Mushroom Burger restaurant. We like going to Tagaytay because there, the temperature is cooler than in the busy streets of Manila, it is fresh and offers a breathtaking scenery.

This is also our Zipline Adventure: