Philippines: Quezon, Nueva Ecija

This time, we went to my father’s province. It is where the family of my father lives. My father grew up there. As I may say, my dad and his siblings were farmers. They have a land where they have to tend and get rice to sell and eat. Im happy that their land is still there and my dad is still managing the farm. As we arrived, we were welcomed by our relatives. They are happy to see us. They were also so hospitable to my bf and even got fresh mangoes for him from our tree. It was an amazing experience for him. After a little chit-chat my dad showed us to their land and we were lucky to walk at the middle of it. My bf was amazed to walk on a real rice field for it is his first time. After walking through the hot field of 38 degrees celcius, one of cousins own a resort where we can swim. What we actually find nice is that the water is pure, they dont use any chlorine for the water is pumped from the ground. Its fresh water swimming pool. We found it very nice to relax and cool down from the very hot summer day.

9th of April 2013


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