Christmas In Holland 2012

Its the time of the year again where families meet and celebrate this one special season. Where everybody is very proud with their Christmas decorations and of course the real life Christmas tree making. It is where we get spoiled with gifts and get big bellies from the nice food from the Christmas celebration. Happy birthday Jesus Christ!

As usual, since im here in Holland, I celebrated Christmas in a Dutch way. I feel blessed that eventhough im far from my family, they make and made me feel part of their family. Accepting me and treating me like their own blood.

This Christmas is actually another bizarre celebration, we dont even felt that something is going around the economy. As what everybody was saying it is not a “Crisismas” Haha… The tree is full of gifts and nice stuffs. Indeed giving gives more pleasure than receiving.

Cadeautjes (Gifts)
Cadeautjes (Gifts)

After gift giving, its time to eat!

Lobster Soup

Croquette and Shrimps

Ice cream and cakes

Once again, im spoiled with my gifts. Thank you! 🙂


Christmas 2012


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