Silhouettes-Avicii (My Acoustic Version)

I love this song so much that I made an acoustic version of Silhouettes. I’m not good in playing the guitar since I only learned it from my friends and youtube. Well I hope you guys like it.

By the way, I’m shy to show my face at that time so I am kinda hiding in the dark.

New Year 2013 in Holland

(Im soooo late posting this.)

My new year in Holland is fun! I got to fire some star (sterretjes).

I just dont like that it rained hard and I was freezing under the rain. But yeah, we did have fun lightning up some fireworks! Oh yeah!

Happy 2013!

Baby Calvijn

Last year, I posted Ate Sheila’s baby shower. Well now, her baby is born and this is the time where I got to meet him.

As I may say, Baby Calvijn is really adorable. He is so cute and just perfect. I love meeting Ate Sheila and her baby. I did really have a good time meeting them again.

Baby Calvijn :)

Baby Calvijn 🙂