The Netherlands: Sinterklaas 2012

Sinterklaas was here!

Last 5 December of 2012, Sinterklaas was here in The Netherlands. This means that children everywhere will be spoiled with gifts, but include the adults too. This year we were not really that prepared in celebrating Sinterklaas due to my very busy schedule. I haven’t bought anything during this time.

You can really feel the Sinterklaas fever around, everywhere. In all shops it shows the pictures or real life Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet.

Who is Sinterklaas actually?… Well it is a tradition here in Holland that every 5th of December, Sinterklaas and his assistants Zwarte Pieten will knock on the doors of every house or at the chimneys and leave  sack of gifts. It is like a Dutch version of Santa Claus and his elves.

Im not a Sinterklaas expert, but im still surprised how children here in holland are spoiled with gifts. This time of the year is really for kids.

For only one child.
For only one child.

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