The Netherlands: Koninginnedag (Queen’s Day)

Queen’s Day!

Queen’s Day is a national holiday in The Netherlands. For what I know, this celebration was made by Queen Julianna. She was one of the Queens in Holland who proclaimed that every 30th of April of the year, Queen’s day will be celebrated.

What I really liked with this day is that Holland is a one big party country. People wear orange clothes and crazy orange outfits. Music concerts are held everywhere, music pumping loud and people are happy and drunk. Another thing that I really like, there is a free market. You could really buy lots of good stuffs for a very cheap price.


Flags of The Netherlands are being placed infront of the houses.
Infront of the municipal office with flags and dj’s pumping the music up!
Orange madness.
Free Market. Sell everything, here and there.
and me… feeling the Queen’s day! Im one of them!

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