Circuit Park Zandvoort: It’s drifting time baby!

Early in the morning around 9am, Circuit Park Zandvoort held an event for drifters. I wasn’t really that fanatic about it, neither excited with it because the weather is really not preferable. It is cold and somehow starting to rain. But yeah, I packed myself up with a real warm gear and brought my cam with us.

Well the place where I am presently living now is near a racing track here in The Netherlands. This racing track is known in The Netherlands, which held different kinds of races for the whole world. They even had held a Formula 1 race way back, when they can still handle the amount of people going to Zandvoort.

We went to the dunes because it gives a good view and it’s free! We watched them there and I can say that these professional drivers killed it! They are really good with drifting. You can smell the rubber and see them driving on their sides. Well, i’m not good with cars so I don’t know how to describe it. You’ll be the judge. I find them amazing.


And the pit stop.

It’s an experience and I now like seeing it. I would go another time when there would be an event. It’s kinda nice to see it once in a while.


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